Aubrey Joachim FCMA; MBA; GAICD
Principal Consultant

Providing solutions to your business

Service Offerings

Leading Edge Change offers the following services:

•  Management training (see seminars and workshops)

•  Mentoring of senior management

•  Coaching of senior management and staff

•  Change management to extract the best for the organization

•  Profit improvement definitive ways to improve financially

•  Process re-engineering doing things better

•  Strategic Management Accounting implementation

•  Financial and management accounting solutions

•  Outsourcing and Offshoring evaluation and implementing

Training, Facilitating, Consulting..

Leading Edge Change does not merely provide knowledge dissemination through workshops and seminars alone. Its core business principle is that transfer of competency occurs not only through knowledge transfer but also transfer of hands-on expertise.

It therefore facilitates in-house hands-on workshops as well as consults on the basis that it trains in-house staff to build and exploit skills.

Traditional consulting firms sell consulting time that is consumed in doing the work but not transferring skills. Leading Edge Change will get your staff to do the work, but guide, enthuse and facilitate the delivery.

Leading Edge Change consults in the implementation of Activity Based Costing and Management, Corporate Performance Management, Strategic Planning, Rolling Forecasts and Beyond Budgeting among others.

For more detail about each of our Service Offerings, please contact us.